How Pearl Works

Is this a chatbot? What can I say to it? How does the matching work? All great questions. Let's dive in.

We’re a small startup, still in beta, with plans to recreate the recruiting world. We’re doing things a bit differently, so you probably have some questions. You’ve come to the right place!

Is this a chatbot?

Yes… and No… Pearl doesn't use "chatbot speak", we allow for natural language conversation instead so that the experience feels personal and intelligent. In order to deliver this kind of experience, we've built a suite of software tools to allow for human-in-the-loop natural language processing.

The primary conversations on Pearl center around either (1) the onboarding process, or (2) a new job opportunity. At any given time, 99% of conversations that are being had on Pearl are related to one of these two processes.

Because these conversations are so common, we have a good idea of how they typically go. And because we have a good idea of how they typically go, we can create NLP models to help us categorize the majority of responses so a human being doesn't have to sit there and do it manually.

For example, when we send you a job and ask if you're interested, most of you will say something like "yes, I'm interested", "sounds good", "sure", etc... In these cases, our model will categorize the response as a YES and the flow will continue to the next action (which, in this case, is another message, confirming that we're sending your information to the team)

Sometimes, our models don't know what's being said. For instance, if someone says something a bit less common, such as  "I think that I'd like to learn more about this", there's a good chance that our model will not understand this. This is where the "human-in-the-loop" comes in...

Whenever there's confusion, and our model doesn't know what to do, the conversation is sent to an inbox for our human team to review. We go through these messages one at a time, manually mark what's being said, and then push it back into the automated flow to continue onwards. In this way, we can allow for complex conversations when necessary, while still automating the majority of the work.

So, feel free to say absolutely anything to us any time. Our software ensures that although we use automation for common cases, we’ll hear you when you have a question or comment for us.

How does job matching work?

When we’re finished speaking with you about your preferences, we add those preferences to your profile in a proprietary machine-readable format. We conduct a similar process when importing our jobs.

When a job enters the system, it’s matched against these details of your profile to determine whether or not it’s a good fit. If it is, we’ll send it to you!

The important thing to understand here is that your profile preferences are a collaborative effort to generate and improve over time. We expect to tweak them as we go. You may have forgotten to tell us some minor things you really care about. Or maybe you realize that you care a lot about some new aspect of a job. Those things are natural, and we want to hear that!

Think this is cool?

We're hiring! Check out our careers page!

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