Startups Hiring - October 2021

Featuring... low-code cloud infrastructure, gamified esport communities, GPT-3 powered writing companion, visibility tooling for debugging, and coliving communities for ambitious young people.

Startups Hiring - October 2021

This month we're featuring:

  1. Railway - Deploy an App to Production in Minutes
  2. Otherside AI - An AI powered writing companion
  3. Matrix - Gamifying esports fan engagement with web3
  4. Highlight - A visibility platform for powerful debugging
  5. Together - Coliving communities for like-minded individuals

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1. Railway

Railway believes that you should be able to work on your core product without having to worry about infrastructure and how to deploy it. So their goal is to make it simpler for everyone to ship apps to a cloud environment.

I met one of the founders, Jake on twitter. After only a few minutes of chatting he told me, "Let me know what I can do to help. Seriously, I'm not just saying that. I want you to take me up on that offer." He's a founder that is ready to give, and it's clear that he's been able to attract a killer team as a result.

I've personally used this product for my side projects, including hosting my own scheduling link, and a no-code automation tool for personal use. I'm pretty limited in my engineering knowledge so there's zero chance I would have been able to get it up and running without their service. We're long Railway! πŸš„

Railway's open roles:

2. Otherside AI

Otherside AI is building the world's most powerful document editor using cutting edge AI tools like GPT-3. Writer's block? Just type in what you're trying to say and their writing companion will generate a paragraph of text about that topic, written in your style. It's crazy futuristic stuff. College kids, as you might imagine, are obsessed.

We met the Otherside AI people at a tech event here in LA and we've been personal friends with them ever since. They're a young and scrappy team, with tons of excitement. And they're growing incredibly fast. If you're looking to work at the cutting edge of AI tech, and love consumer products, this is super exciting opportunity.

Otherside's open roles:

3. Matrix

Matrix is building web3 products to gamify fan engagement within esports communities. They're making it fun and rewarding for everyday esports fans to interact with their favorite creators. And they're not just a creator tool, they're a consumer brand. Matrix is positioning itself to the world as a game itself, with each creator community being all part of the same world.

I'm gonna be honest, trying to understand what Matrix is doing makes me feel old, and I'm 25. But I can tell they're doing something incredibly cool. Plus they've raised $3M+ from Galaxy, Samsung, Sam Altman, Dapper Labs, and others, so lots of other people seem to agree.

Matrix's open roles:

4. Highlight

Highlight is helping software teams gain visibility in their debugging process. If you've ever been involved in a software product, you're probably familiar with how annoying it can be to diagnose a user error. Digging through messy logs, trying to piece together what happened. Well Highlight ends all that because with their tool you can actually just replay what your user did in a video, and then collaborate with your team within their software to discuss the issue.

I met the founder, Jay on twitter a few months back and he's helped us a lot with some fundraising advice and whatnot (another founder ready to give πŸ™Œ) I've watched their product grow from not having a landing page, to being what's probably the most comprehensive debugging tool on the market. Super bullish on what they're doing!

Highlight's open roles:

5. Together

Together's mission is to create a world where anyone can be inspired, supported, and pushed to be the best version of themselves through living in a community. It's the co-living option you wish you had when you graduated college.

They manage a collection of properties in cities around the US to bring together like-minded young and ambitious young people. I've personally been to one of their properties in LA. That house was absolutely gorgeous and the community was incredibly welcoming and energizing. If you're a young person looking to change residential culture for the better, look no further.

Together's open roles:

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